Mystic Shipyard Schedule of Fees

2020 Rates

Labor Rates


$110.00 Per Hour
Rigging, Fiberglass repair, Painting and Shipwright woodworking.

$110.00 Per Hour
Mechanical & Electrical

$85.00 Per Hour
Utility person, cleaning, washing

$125.00 Per Hour
For any work on Used Head Systems.

$75.00 Per Hour
Varnish Work

Dockage Rates


$115.00 Per Foot/Slip
Dockage Rate At Mystic Shipyard.

$100.00 Per Foot/Boat
Dockage Rate At Mystic Shipyard East.

$450.00 Each
Per 30 Amp Seasonal Power Service – West Yard

$650.00 Each
Per 50 Amp Seasonal Power Service – West Yard

$400.00 Each
Per 30 Amp Seasonal Power Service – East Yard


2020/2021 Storage Season

$42.00 Per Foot
Winter Outside Storage, Mystic Shipyard or Mystic Shipyard East.

$10.00 Per Sq Foot
(LOA X BEAM) Inside Storage, Mystic Shipyard

$8.00 Per Foot
Per Month On Land (Outside) Summer Storage. (June-Sept)

Yard Services

$12.00 Per Foot
Quick Haul, Haul leave in slings, (max 1 hr.), re-launch.

$10.00 Per Foot
Haul to trailer or launch off trailer.  Any trailer adjustment will be at time and materials.

$28.00 Per Foot
4 Slings Haul Block and Re-Launch

$18.00 Per Foot
Haul, block, launch. (Max 1 week on land. Additional time $1.00 per ft. per day.)

$3.00 Per Foot
Bottom Washing (In Slings)

$250.00 Per Hour
Crane Fee, Includes one man.

$130.00 Per Hour
Fork lift Fee, includes one man.

Transient Dockage

$3.00 Per Foot
Per Night. ($2.75 per night for groups of 6 or more)

$2.75 Per Foot
8 nights or more.

$2.50 Per Foot
15 nights or more.

$15.00 Each
30 AMP Service Per Night.

$20.00 Each
50 AMP Service Per Night.

Diving Service

$56.00 Per Foot
Bottom Cleaning, Additional time might be required for bottoms with heavy growth.

$165.00 Per Hour
General Diving.

*** Rates subject to variation.